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Writing an Offer 

Once you have found the house you want to buy the next step  is writing the offer. Your agent will do this for you on a purchase agreement form. This Purchase Agreement (offer) will list the details of your offer and cover important dates such as when the loan has to be approved by, when closing is, and much more. Once your agent has drafted the purchase agreement, and you have reviewed and signed it, your agent will send it to the selling side for their review. The sellers can accept, counter, or reject your offer. If the seller rejects your offer you will have to write another offer. If the seller counters your offer you will have a certain amount of time to accept, reject, or counter the sellers counter offer. This time period will be specified on the seller's counter offer. 




Things your agent will need to know to make an offer:

  • ​​​​Full legal name of who is going to be purchasing. 

  • Price you wish to offer 

  • How much Earnest Money you want to give

  • Type of loan you're going to do

  • Pre-Approval from a lender 

  • How much you're putting down 

  • Interest rate of loan 

  • Desired closing date

  • Is the purchase contingent of another property selling?

  • When do you want to take possession

  • Do you want a survey?

  • Do you want to make the purchase contingent of inspections?

  • Do you want a home warranty?



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